Tim Devine

37ºC – Wearable Senseware

37ºC is a wearable body temperature display in the form of a broach that alerts you and the public to your body temperature – indicative of your health.

Our experiences in public spaces are becoming increasingly rich with data – abstractions of the virtual and real environments. The devices we carry on our body are super-connective to the internet, the environment and each other. They ship with multiple acute sensors and softwares. As a statement object, it embodies a sense of intensity associated with health that is performative in social and public environments throughout crowded modern cities.

It is immersed and fused with the flow of media and information also ubiquitous in cities.  Although, as it is a digital device, it affords a sense that it will change at any moment as the body shifts in a constant state of biological flux.

Project Questions:

•How will such a broach be perceived in public?

•How will the wearer feel when they wear it?

•Will people reflect further on information displayed in public spaces.

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