The best approach to make new hair bows on your own without stitching requirements

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Many women fall in love with eye-catching elements in unique hair bows. They are eager to explore the latest collection of hair bows for sale in shops renowned for premium yet affordable hair bows. If they look at hair bows in any leading shop accessible via online, then they can get the prompt assistance and make a good decision about how to choose one of the most special hair bows. They get curiosity to make hair bows on their own in their free time. They search for how to make a hair bow without compromising their budget and schedule. They can focus on overall materials and make certain about how to successfully prepare the hair bow.

Get all materials at first

You may get confused when there is no sew hair bow for enhancing the beauty of your beloved child. Once you have decided to make an appropriate hair bow as convenient as possible, you require the following materials.

  • Hot glue gun
  • Ribbon
  • Rhinestone décor
  • Lined hair clip
  • Belle bottom fabric scraps

Step by step process

The first step in the diy hair bows is to gather two remaining scraps and remove the paper tape from ends. You can line up both ends by using the adhesive fabric on top of each other.  It is right time to line up the overall edges in an even way. You can concentrate on how to make one long strip. If you have done it, then you can take the opposite fabric strip’s end on the bottom. You have to properly fold over where the adhesive strip is properly aligned with bottom strips.

Now, every adhesive strip must be on top of each other. This is worthwhile to be conscious about how to sandwich adhesive strips with another strips fabric.

The next step is to fuse the adhesive strips all together in the middle and take the soon to get the bow in hand. Now, pinch the center together. You will be amazed to see the beginning of the hair bow. It is the right time to take the 7/8 inches ribbon for wrapping around the bow’s center. You have to take the ribbon’s one end and glue it to the center back in the bow where the bow is pinched.

homemade bows


Attractive things about homemade bows give you curiosity to directly gather all essential materials and start a step to make attractive bows.  Trim off the excess ribbon and take contrast 5/8” ribbon to wrap around the first ribbon’s center.