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Oxfam Refugee Realities Landmine Experience

This is a landmine experience for Oxfam as part of Refugee Realities. Refugee Realities is a simulation based experience that puts you in the shoes of a person displaced by war. The concept is that as people begin their journey as refugees they experience different ways refugees often have to travel, one of them being through a field of landmines. If a mine is triggered then a badge flips into the air with either a sling, eye patch or crutch printed on it. For the rest of the day they would have to either walk with a crutch, use only one arm or wear an eye patch.

The experience was run at Gasworks Arts Park in Albert Park, Melbourne, between 22 February and 13 March 2008.

7,000 visitors including 4,000 Victorian school children walked through the Refugee Realities installation, which included the landmine field, border crossing, shelter area, food and water collection points and medical tent.

The event generated significant media attention:

Evaluating impact

In July 2008, Oxfam Australia completed a thorough evaluation of the Refugee Realities event in Melbourne. The evaluation looks at the impact of the simulation on the 7,000 visitors who experienced it.You can find the evaluation here.

Oxfam Refugee Realities LandmineThis is a close up of a land mine in the Refugee Realities camp.

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