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An extension of ElicitPAPER, ElicitNEWSPAPER is a comfortable place for people to sit and draw on a communal sheet of paper amongst rich red cushions.

It is a designed experience where how you draw or write on the paper effects what is heard through the speakers that surround you. The sounds to play with are live news and talk-back radio in a variety of languages from around the world. Draw slow, fast, long, short or sharp, all over the paper for the latest news and opinions all over the world.

ElicitPAPER used the same interface as ElicitNEWSPAPER; a vibration sensitive table using eight piezo electric microphones to isolate where, and how the pen draws and a surround speaker system to play and spatialize sounds triggered by the qualities of the pen strokes. The sounds generated were abstractions of the pen sound, environmental sounds and sound characters that would react to particular strokes by running away or around the table in the form of a sound object in the surrounding speakers.

ElicitPAPER was used more as a place of respite and a public notice board for visitors to the space. ElicitNEWSPAPER as a continuation, keeps the same interface but changes the sound objects to news and talk-back radio; partly as an exercise in user feedback.



The first ElicitTABLE combined information touch screens with information postcards. The idea was to enhance the way we access information in public spaces.

The result was an information screen projected onto a large white table. Placing different postcards on the table activated different topics; you could then keep relevant cards to remember key information for the topics and events you liked. The second production of ElicitTABLE appears in the Hero’s and Villains Exhibit on comic books published in Australia at the State Library of Victoria. I was approached to create an interactive work for the exhibition. Comic book covers are projected onto tables. As the user brushes their hand over covers they reveal hidden speach bubbles and action graphics about the characters and authors. The idea was recreate the immersive nature of comics and comic art.


ElicitTV offers the viewer an opportunity to play and manipulate content in realtime by simply waving their hands through the air, and by doing so the aim is to create a barrier between the screen and the viewer and provoke an awareness or questioning of what is being broadcast.

If for example a child was set down to watch televsion but had the choice to play with the image they were viewing through body movement, would they be less inclined to glorify the content? Would the idea of a celebrity exist of be lessened? ElicitTV, suggests that TV as it stands, is a one way experience and as a result is partly responsible for the glorification of the celebrity. In addition, what is broadcast is increasingly permeated by advertising campaigns and we are essentially left with a stream of advertisements.