Tim Devine

Viewfinder & Screen Cap

Device Shiftingshift the behaviour of how a human relates to a device by either occupying it, lowering its level of possible engagement or transforming its input or output with a mass produceable accessory.

Device Shifting is applied critical design. By designing accessories it is possible to affect and engage with established interrelationships, interdependencies and behaviours with the devices. The four accessories documented in this thesis are as close as I could come to creating the appearance of mass produced accessories for mass produced products. Being not designed for a gallery, they are designed to be consumed in the same environments we purchase our devices. By achieving a high standard of production they engage with the rhetoric of consumption and can be effectively critical. The more believable they are as ‘real’ products the more functional they are as applied critical design.

The Viewfinder & Screen Cap is an attachment that fits over the viewfinder and preview screen. It suggests that as digital photography is less costly and consequential you can ‘focus on the moment’ and trust that the automatic functions will work. As a result it also retains some of the surprise when you download your photos and leads people to use the automatic functions of their devices.  Moments are no longer seen and experienced through the body of a camera. Attach the viewfinder and screen cap for your particular brand of camera and set the camera to automatic.

Each model of camera has it’s own cap so as to integrate seamlessly into the design and further reinforce its perception as a mass produced accessory.

This is designed for the Canon G9.

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